A Man

The artwork is adoration of a masculinity (qualities or attributes regarded as characteristic of men). The backgrounds landscape with trees in the front presents the vast potential a man. I see a modern man rooted (as mentioned trees) in his pragmatism, being a symbol of life (as a tree is), accompanying with a hunter's instinct of his yang energy, ready to create. I see a modern man as a human being in natural possession of logic, power and authority (placing the man in the center of the painting. The seven-colored-circle aureola around actually shows individual levels self-awareness and self-realization (chakras), with its peak in yellow (our pineal gland). Pineal gland connects individual needs with the collective awareness. This experience gives a modern man opportunity to use his analytical thinking with open heart to serve himself, and others. The modern man sees bright future on a horizon. Colors symbolize wealth (violet), energy (red) and peace (blue).

Painted with acrylic and oil paints (70x100cm).

750,00 €